First compilation out on Bleepstreet

Woosh! Another year is gone and we are already feeling quite nostalgic about our previous releases. We had to do something about it so we are proud to present our first Digital Music Compilation with 13 Tracks featuring killer tunes by Goto80, Bacalao, Covox, Henry Homesweet and more! /// Exclusively available for the first week on Bandcamp only! Enjoy!

cTrix releases 7 track digital EP

A release to experience the fascinating Amiga golden age of the 90s. “A for Amiga” is the first EP by cTrix on Bleepstreet and it’s released exclusively on Bandcamp for the first week(s). This 7 track EP was tracked on an Amiga 500 and mixed on tape on the highest end studio gear. Download it now and get lost in every song of this amazing masterpiece!


Proud to announce the 4th release by Henry Homesweet on Bleepstreet. It’s called “Box Model” and it’s a 3 track digital EP. The track that gives the title to the EP is a huge 10 minute Techno journey, a mindfulness exercise in the form of Techno to come to the present moment. Experience now!


The new EP of Henry Homesweet will be released in June 2013 soon and will be called “Luke’s Atari”. The tracks are being produced with an AtariST running maxYMiser sync’d up with a Roland TR-808 drum machine. Stay tuned!

Mark “TDK” Knight is back!

We are proud to add to our catalogue the latest single “Nicotine Pang” by Mark “TDK” Knight. For those who don’t know him, he is a super-pro videogame music composer and was also well known in the 90s Amiga Demoscene. Read more about TDK here and get the single + remix by Henry Homesweet now!

Covox Japan Tour

Coinciding with the start of a tour in Japan with Sulumi, Covox releases “Strike EP”. 3 solid tracks for Bleepstreet that are available now for download and streaming on every major digital music provider. Check it out!


Abjuration EP

Format: 3x Digital EP
Released: 21.04.2014
Henry Homesweet
Luke's Atari

Format: 4x Digital EP
Released: 03.03.2014
Various Artists
Bleepstreet MusicDisk#1

Format: 13x Digital Album
Released: 03.01.2014
A for Amiga

Format: 7x Digital EP
Released: 16.12.2013
Henry Homesweet
Box Model

Format: 3x File, EP
Released: 15/05/2013
Nicotine Pang

Format: 2x Digital Single
Released: 07.12.2012