La Belle Indifference
Get Ur Bleep On
BLEEPST08 - 14/05/2010

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  • 01 Pink Snow
  • 02 Dr.Ziltch
  • 03 If a can't dance, it's not my revolution
  • 04 Dr.Ziltch (Von Pnok chiphall-mix)

La Belle Indifference are a duo from Copenhagen with two gameboys and one drum-machine. BLEEPSTREET Records presents their first digital EP release in true chip-stereo. Feel the new sound of lo-fi bitpop. Among their influences they list artists such as Lionel Richie, Kevin Blechdom, Steely Dan, ZZ Top, Dizzee Rascal, Barry Manilow, Tupac, Kraftwerk, David Hasselhoff & Rod Stewart.

“Get Ur Bleep On” is an intimate and passionate perception of the micromusic scene with the main title being “Pink Snow”, a powerful and emotional bitpop song. The video was directed and shot in the Berlin-Tempelhof airport by Raquel Meyers featuring Storno from the “storno 8bit session” as a godzilla-fighter.

The main title song is followed by “Dr. Ziltch”, a groovy anthem and the mysteriously titled “If a can’t dance, it’s not my revolution”, a raggy crossover of chiptune and swing-jazz. As a bonus we added a remix of Dr. Von Pnok showcasing some true chiphall style for the club. Cover artwork by Thea Sikker Remin.

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