Henry Homesweet
Flex Out
BLEEPST18 - 12.04.12

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  • 01. Flex Out (Original Mix)
  • 02. Flex Out (Radio Edit)
  • 03. Ajax

oh Boy! There is so much of the good stuff in this release. He previously delighted us last year with his magical single “The Archaic Revival” and we are proud to release the next level on Bleepstreet.

“Flex Out” is an incredibly bouncy chip-house release of multi-dimensional proportions with it’s kaleidoscopic hooks, ambulance beautiful Atari synth-leads and a class A sound coming from his first 2012 recording sessions.

As a bonus track we got “Ajax”, viagra buy another fine chip/techno/house jam with a mild Afro-Cuban taste and one of the most emotional and penetrating drop we have ever heard. Another invitation to expand your consciousness and the boundaries of your micro-perception.

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