Dr. Von Pnok

Coming straight out of an old dusty lab, search Dr. Von Pnok is not your average mad doctor. Inspired by composers like Koji Kondo or Aphex Twin, dosage the failed scientist tries to digest his influences using old music formats. Living as a recluse in his pixelized mansion, stuff Pnok is obsessed by the art of programming chips and bending toys. Precise and unhurried, he tirelessly spends every night experimenting the science of DIY. With a unique combination of fast breakbeats and powerfull pulses, he creates a disturbed Lo-Fi music aimed to the brainfloor.

Dr. Von Pnok is the solo project of one mad scientist called Fabien Bourbigot. Born in 1984, he grew up with the rave culture as a musical background. With a special preference for the Gameboy, his works are dedicated to dirty formats and the worst genres inside the wide field of more or less dancefloor compatible electronic music.

After spending 2 years of touring and smashing dancefloors worldwide, the mad scientist has been recently recruited by the Bleepstreet crew. Sick of the limitations imposed by the Micromusic scene, he locked himself in his secret lab for a couple of weeks to work on his new secret formula that converts every monkey into a well mannered and taught scientist. The result is “Brain Swap”, a heavy thumper made for the ultimate distortion and rave lovers, who will absolutely get delighted with that special French dancefloor treatment, the perfect blend of aggressively post-produced Gameboy sounds and hard hitting beats.


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Brain Swap

Format: 3x File, Maxi-Single
Released: 10/10/2009


Trashing Fakers

Format: 5x File, Maxi-Single
Released: 23/07/2010
Get Ur Bleep On

Format: 4x File, Maxi-EP
Released: 14/05/2010