With roots in catchy aswell as extreme music, find seeing Goto80 perform is like getting an 8-bit uppercut that tastes blood and candy. Who said that pop, stuff grindcore and jazz couldn’t be mixed together using bleeps and vocals? In 2007 alone, decease he released 100 songs and made 50 gigs so he is not done with his experiments of crappy programming, glitchy soundchips and musical history. In 2007 he also introduced chipmusic to Israel, was one of three nominees for best C64-composer ever and celebrated 10 years in the C64-demoscene.

Goto80’s revived view on purism has led him into exploring what is really unique about making music with 8-bit technology as opposed to trying to make similar music with modern machines. At the moment he is using unreleased software that combines the maximisation programming style of the demoscene with previously unexplored terrains of the soundchip of the C64. So, you can (still) expect more weirdness from this master of chip disaster!

Goto80 continues his delivery with furious-relaxed pop-noise in 8-bits. While low-tech eclecticism is common-place in music biographies, Goto80 has the music to back it up. Computer Music Magazine recently called him “the most prolific chip music artist” and HAIP Festival dubbed him “the most uncompromising”. They probably referred to the 300+ songs he released in 2007 and 2008 that spanned from ambient experiments to throat-destroying data grind metal. Or that his music appears both on MTV and in crusty squats. Or his bizarre visual appearances as a cowboy, or covered in salad for Swedish national TV.

Goto80 has been rewarded for his traditional composing skills as one of three nominees for all-time C64 composers at Commodore’s 25 year anniversary.



Format: 5x File, Maxi-Single
Released: 10/10/2009
Commodore Grooves

Format: Enhanced CD / 12x File
Released: 05/05/2005
Papaya EP

Format: Vinyl 7"
Released: 06/04/2002