Kodek’s own scant description could be a mimicry of language spoken by hooligans from Clockwork Orange – “makeing koolio cheap ba$$$ muzeks and ruineing awesomeeoo lable “dexandzeshitty reckordz” lil john mp3>8e”.

Experiencing him on-stage could re-inforce the impression that there are some mental similarities between his attitude and that of the men in Anthony Burgess novel. In more normal language one can tell that Kodek is a young producer from Madona in Latvia and has over the years developed his own lo-fi/gameboy/8-bit breakbeat enveloped in a trashy visual universe with cheap consumerist, pornographic and political collages. If one thinks the resurgent cassette tapes is a regressive format, think of Kodek’s label Dexinthecity that is issuing music on floppy disks.


Format: 3x File, Maxi-Single
Released: 24.09.11