Hailing from Connecticut, for sale USA, cialis Misfitchris started off playing his Casio keyboard alongside SNES games in a valiant effort to mimic his favorite video game composers. Then, price in an attempt at venting his inevitable teenage angst, he picked up a guitar and started a punk band. He got his first taste of using computers to make music editing local bands with basic sound editing software. That eventually lead to the wunderkind toying around with digital audio workstations trying to emulate his favorite artists such as Daft Punk, Sebastien Leger, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher and Autechre. Then at 21 the budding electronic prodigy discovered chipmusic, a marriage of difficult trackers and minimal soundscapes, a match made in heaven.

MisfitChris quickly grew fond of this sound and in an unyielding attempt at perfection began his current project he has aptly dubbed “Fakebit”. His sound is a distinctive blend of the classic chip music he was weaned on and the heavy hitting house music that captivated him as a teen. MisfitChris has a sound that will conjure up feelings from days of old, like leaving final fantasy 3 on just to hear the music and the feeling of being the only one in the world to defeat the boss all rolled into a precise, masterfully crafted sonic eargasm. Misfitchris is everything you ever wanted to hear and everything your parents warned you about.

– Christopher G. Fox

The Howling

Format: 3x File, EP
Released: 21.12.11