After several years of lurking, Ultrasyd has been active in Chiptune scene and Demoscene (as a member of Brainstorm) since 2009. He produces music in various styles, ranging from classic demoscene Chiptunes to Electro and Metal. For 8bit music, he uses Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Game Boy, Master System, MT32, Commodore 64 … with a slight preference for the sweet sound of the Atari ST.

He made his first steps on stage at Blip Festival New York in 2011. Since then, he played several chip shows like Bit’Em All [CH], Eindbaas [NL], Supergalactic Microparty [FR], various demoparties or Blip festival Tokyo 2012 [JP]. On stage, he delivers a mix of chippy melodies, energic basses and electro beat, all composed on an Atari STe and a Game Boy.


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Chipsters EP

Format: 6x Digital EP
Released: 24.10.2014