cTrix comes from Australia and makes the funkiest music with oldskool Computers and games consoles.

He has been an avid Amiga tracker since the age of 12 and thrives on it’s limitations. He drives a rough & crunchy sound covering styles from Synthpop to 90’s rave, and house to drum ‘n’ bass. His music has been described as: “a phat and chunky combination exploring many styles”.

cTrix’ additional works span progressive rock and 80’s power funk. cTrix integrates a Gameboy, C64, Atari 2600 and beloved Amiga 500/1200 to work together and is not limited to one style or sound. He is also inventor of the gAtari… an Atari strapped into a guitar configuration driven by his homebrew software.

In it for fun, cTrix avidly promotes the sharing of knowledge / techniques to keep the chip scene growing and is always happy to show newcomers the ropes of the various software (as long as it run’s on the original platform!)

His first EP on Bleepstreet is A for Amiga.

Photo Credit: Egghouse

A for Amiga

Format: 7x Digital EP
Released: 16.12.2013