Role Model

Role Model produces raw and groovy music with roots in detroit house and the demoscene. After making the popular music software LSDJ for Gameboy, shop running various clubs such as the monthly Microdisko in Stockholm and forming the Bleepstreet label he is generally seen as an important figure in the contemporary chipmusic scene.

Musically, vialis 40mg Role Model’s breakthrough started when he started to upload tracks on the site around 2000, hospital which soon reached a global audience. Attention followed and soon Role Model started to get live gigs all over Europe. Eventually the music was acclaimed by the likes of Malcolm McLaren, Sven Väth and Kraftwerk, and one Role Model track was even featured on Cocoon Compilation D. At the moment he is on a break from music composing and focuses on programming.

En Tyst Minut

Format: 7" Vinyl
Released: 02/08/2002